Ricky D. Payne

Born Sept 18,1980

         It started with my mom (Angela Payne), always buying camcorders filming our Family get-togethers and my Youth Football Games.

     Growing up I have always been a huge movie, cartoon & television series type person. I Love Good Drama, Comedy, Myths, Suspense, SyFy, Love, Historic & Religious types of Movies & Tv Shows.  Film came important to me the moment I truly wanted to film something on my own and I didn't have a camera or the high end equipment to enhance scenes, so I acted and never looked back. 



             Today 2020, that desire and passion remains & I have been filming Professionally for 7yrs which include: Written Scripts, Storyboard, Managed Sets along with the Talent, Directing, Script Readings, Camera Operating Equipment (Gimbals, Cranes & Sliders), Lighting (Reflectors & Diffusers), Pro Sound (Boom & Wireless), Aerial (Drone Photography & Videography), and Post Production (Editing, Graphics & including Music). Knowing what Looks Good and making sure you're staying in line with the direction of the project is KEY.

  I'm currently writing filming and directing my 1st Full Featured Film "Unfortunate Circumstances" as a DRAMA and 1 DocuSeries "Reality Check of The Forgotten with Chris Washburn" (ex NBA Player). And REALITY SHOW "Rickey's World" & COMEDY "Surviving Without A Job" ALL NEW Productions on the way for 2020.


 Along my Journey in Film I have shot 2 shorts "Love & Confession" directed by Landy Castelly shot in New York/ Atlanta & "Bully Go Home" directed by Denise Fussell shot in Atlanta,GA a Anti-Bullying Movie to be released TBA 2020. All Upcoming Projects will have Trailers COMING SOON.


More To Come From TRUVIEWZ!!!