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     Growing up I have always been a huge movie, cartoon & television series visual type person. I Love Good Drama, Comedy, Myths, Suspense, SyFy, Love, Historic & Religious types of Movies & TV Shows. Once I started Filming doing small projects to bigger projects the Level of Creativity grew and as far as my range of film grew with me adding what experiences I already knew to different functions I've already attended. So I basically shaped it in knowing whats going to happen and know how to capture it along with B-Roll footage to add to the depth of the project. It's only certain Reality or Live TV types of Film you just have to be ready to Film to catch moments that aren't planned but be ready to record it. And you have Clients that already have scripted things they want done from beginning to end which I follow to the specific of their needs. 

            Every day for ME consist of: Always Brainstorming New Ideas, Start,Finish & Rewrite Scripts, Storyboard my next Project, Managed Sets along with the Talent, Direct, Script Readings, Consult, Camera Operating Equipment (Gimbals, Cranes & Sliders), Lighting (Spotlight, LED Panels, Strobes, Reflectors & Diffusers), Pro Sound (Boom & Wireless), Aerial (Drone Photography & Videography), and Post Production (Editing, Graphics & include Music). Knowing what Looks Good and making sure you're staying in line with the direction of the project is KEY. Keep Filming...



Ricky D. Payne

Filming & Editing   10+ yrs

Flying Drones     8+ yrs


 It started with my mom, always buying camcorders filming our Family get-togethers and my Youth Football Games. So growing up for me having a camera in the house was very common. Fast forward to 2022, Im fixed on Creating, my own Movies & TV Series Shows, Helping others Paint their own picture whether in Photography (HeadShots, Photo Shoots & other Photo Op Events), Videography (Movies, Commercials, Documentaries, TV Series, Music Videos & etc) or Aerial (Scenery Shots from the Drone) & other styles of production. Making a New has always been my thing as a Creator.

A little about my background....
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